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Current Sales Promotions List

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BLAST-PRD-2 Single Rotation $90.00 Quarterly Info
BLAST-PRD-3 Multiple Station Rotation $540.00 Yearly Info
BLAST-PRD-4 BlastFM Music Talk Radio Interview $600.00 Yearly Info
BLAST-PRD-5 90 Day BlastFM Ltd. Radio Campaign (1 Song) $300.00 Quarterly Info
BLAST-PRD-6 BlastFM Additional Song Rotation - One Year $120.00 Yearly Info
BLAST-PRD-7 Social Media Support Per BlastFM Ltd. Network $300.00 Monthly Info
BLAST-PRD-8 BlastFM Ltd. Music Video Promotion Campaign $25.00 Yearly Info
BLAST-PRD-25 180 Day BlastFM Ltd. Radio Campaign (1 Song) $600.00 Bi-Annually Info
BLAST-PRD-26 Domain Name Registration $15.00 Yearly Info
BLAST-PRD-27 Website Hosting $12.00 Monthly Info
BLAST-PRD-28 30 Day BlastFM Ltd. Radio Campaign (1 Song) $120.00 Monthly Info
BLAST-PRD-44 New Single Release Plus Video Release $45.00 Monthly Info
BLAST-PRD-50 BlastFM Radio Interview with Bruce Wayne $375.00 Yearly Info
BLAST-PRD-51 SGU - Bronze Consultation Package - $50 Per Hr. $50.00 Hourly Info
BLAST-PRD-52 SGU - Preferred Consultation Package - 1 Month $250.00 Monthly Info
BLAST-PRD-53 SGU - Silver Consultation Package - 2 Months $400.00 Monthly Info
BLAST-PRD-54 SGU - Gold Consultation Package - 4 Months $600.00 Tri-Annually Info
BLAST-PRD-55 SGU - Online Promotion Outside of $15.00 Per Post Info
BLAST-PRD-56 SGU - Radio Promotional Campaign - 3 Month $50.00 Quarterly Info
BLAST-PRD-57 SGU - Radio Promotional Campaign - 1 Month $20.00 Monthly Info
BLAST-PRD-61 BlastFM Talk Radio Podcast $50.00 Monthly Info
BLAST-PRD-62 BlastFM Vip Membership (Billed Yearly) $256.80 Yearly Info
BLAST-PRD-68 Podcast 1 by BlastFM Talk Radio $50.00 Monthly Info
BLAST-PRD-69 Podcast 2 by BlastFM Talk Radio $350.00 Monthly Info
BLAST-PRD-70 Indie Artist Award Shows $250.00 Yearly Info
BLAST-PRD-79 Spotify Curator Submissions - Basic $250.00 Once Info
BLAST-PRD-81 BlastFM Administrative Fee $50.00 Once Info
BLAST-PRD-84 BlastFM Limited Tweetcast $120.00 Yearly Info
BLAST-PRD-85 BlastFM Limited Internet Radio Station $600.00 Yearly Info
BLAST-PRD-86 BlastFM Limited Licensing Fees $720.00 Yearly Info